Weekly photo challenge: Green!

Weekly photo challenge: Windows


On one of my last trips with my Dad, we visited the Bogenrief Stained Glass Studios in a reborn elementary school in a sleepy little Iowa town. The studio has had some famous clients and was working on fixing some incredible stained glass windows from the governor’s residence in Des Moines. I’ve posted some photos from this creative place before, but it was a wonderful discovery to explore in the most unlikely of places.

Emily and Nate’s wedding

My youngest daughter, Emily, was married to Nate Piazza on Sunday, Nov. 10, at Magnolia Plantations Charleston, S.C.

It was beautiful and fun and filled with family — and Nate and Emily should be proud of all they did and how much thought and personal touches they put into the entire weekend.

I haven’t seen the professional photographer’s photos yet, so it will be interesting to see what else she saw that day. But these are the moments I captured. Emily was glowing — it is more than enough to see your child grow up to find happiness.

Holding on to gold

Holding on to gold

The day started off cold and gray, and in the late afternoon the clouds parted to give me one more chance to record the glow of late fall. We will be leaving for Emily and Nate’s wedding, and we will be gone for a week. By the time we return, the leaves will all be on the ground. How I love the colors of fall!

Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in photos