Tuesday night poem

This is an “it’s 11:33 pm and I gotta go to work tomorrow” sort of poem —

the poem you should’ve started working on earlier

but you were watching a funny Ellen clip on YouTube,

The Voice, and then checking out Facebook.

But still, something’s egging you on to write a poem

because it’s National Poetry Month and you said you would

write every day (although you didn’t). And no one’s coming

to your blog anymore because you don’t post regularly

and you don’t have time to read anyone else’s.

And you raked up leaves tonight and you put out the trash,

but you haven’t fed the fish or taken the clothes out of the dryer.

And now your laptop is running out of juice (just 10 percent),

so you’d better turn it off and plug it in upstairs.

So that’s an excuse not to write a poem, or balance

the world’s problems in your hands or juggle

words for a while, which is always fun. And if I fill my mind

with enough junk, I won’t think about what really hurts the most.

No, I won’t.



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7 thoughts on “Tuesday night poem

      1. You are so kind. I think many are quick to tell us when they believe we are wrong and I like to let someone know when they are right, generous… Life is too short to do otherwise. It may take me longer but I shall get to where I am suppose to. 🙂

  1. Switch out hemming a prom dress (that I’ve had for a week) for writing a poem and this was me last night! Keeping busy keeps us from thinking….

  2. It’s 2:57 p.m. and four projects are balanced in my right hand
    which insists that I must keep tossing them
    up until nothing gets done, well, half-done.
    Photo framed still needs hanger wire attached, face book unto
    iPhone, can’t. Tags not removed from flower pots and
    sandwich has a half moon gone. What
    should I do? Cut
    my right hand off. Try two hands and be twice as,
    as what?

    Someday I will quit. You too?

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