Weekly photo challenge: Unfocused


I usually delete all the unfocused photos I take, so it was a surprise to find this one still in my files. I must have enjoyed the soft fields of color. It will be interesting to see what others have done with this topic.

I feel rather unfocused today after attending my second daughter’s graduation from college on Friday and spending Saturday getting her all packed up and ready to drive off to South Carolina with her boyfriend today.

Just processing all the change we’ve just experienced — which means I’m drinking my second cup of coffee and parked myself on the sofa. Much to do. I will get to it. Soon.




12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unfocused

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    • It’s been semi-empty nest through the college years, but, yes, daughter number two has graduated and, as of today, is 14 hours away in her new home in Charleston, SC. Thank you, I will need both!


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